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The key goals of Women in Foreign Policy (WiFP) is to change the make-up of the foreign policy workforce at large. This means more women, people of colour, people with disabilities as well as people who don’t come from a “standard” foreign-policy background.

One of the key stops to these people entering foreign policy is the over reliance of the industry, from the NGOs to the newsrooms, on free or poorly-paid labour. So when I launched WiFP, I refused to hire interns.

But three years in, I am facing a dilemma. To keep WiFP strong, we need to publish content and put on events. Creating that content takes time, a lot of it I undertake myself. While I am working on that content, I can’t work on getting sponsorships for WiFP, which means that I am not securing a way to hire paid people for WiFP.

The other thing is that WiFP so far, in purely money terms (so not equating the time I spend on it with £), has cost me about £10,000 in three years. Which is both very little, considering how many women it’s helped, and a lot, considering this money comes from the salary from my full time job.

I am currently recruiting volunteers to help develop Women in Foreign Policy, so that I can get to a point where I can pay the people who work for the website.

Role: Events Officer

Location: Remote work, preferably London

Workload: 20 hours a month for a minimum of six months

Application deadline: 5 January 2019

WIFP is recruiting an events officer based in the UK as we look towards expanding the organisation in the coming year. The new events officer will work with the existing events coordinator to plan meaningful and engaging events for WIFP. 


    • Liaise with external speakers, venues, and participants for existing WIFP events

    • Assisting in the organisation of marketing and engagement strategies  

    • Resourcing new events opportunities to deepen WIFP’s engagement 

    • Conduct thorough post-mortems of events after their execution

Key requirements

    • Candidate must have a strong interest in foreign policy, politics, gender, and/or management. 

    • Good communication and organisational skills.

    • Attention to detail.

    • Ability to work independently and with initiative.

    • Experience with event organisation is a plus. 

    • Candidate should preferably be based in London, or able to travel to London at least once a month to staff WIFP events.

This is a voluntary position.
How to apply

Email: lucie.goulet[at] with “Application - Events Officer” as the subject title.

Please attach a CV and a cover letter (max. 1 page) detailing your reasons for application, and how this position will help develop your career prospects.  

We strongly encourage women of colour, LGBTQIA+ women, disabled women and women from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.