Newsletter manager (voluntary position)

Location: Worldwide with regular catch ups in person (London) or via teleconference

Workload: 20 hours a month for a minimum of six months

Key requirements: Attention to detail, good time-management skills, team player, interest in management/gender/foreign policy thought. Knowledge of MailChimp/Canva is a plus but not essential


  • Manage four volunteers in a cross-functional team; plan team training

  • Assist with the production of the bi-monthly newsletter. This includes (but is not limited to) liaising with guest writers, advising on copy and proofreading.

  • Coordinate projects to support the newsletter marketing strategy.

  • Analyse and report on campaign performance, make suggestions for improvements.

  • Together with engagement coordinators, identify partnership opportunities and develop relationships.

  • Manage email communications with potential partners and subscribers.

  • What you will learn: How to run a newsletter strategy including segmentation and targeted messaging; project management skills.

This opportunity would be particularly well suited to students looking for experience in marketing and comms with a view to join a non-for-profit or start-up after graduation.

We encourage women of colour, LGBTQ+ women, disabled women and women from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.


Deadline: 15 January

📧  Email: with “application - [job title you are applying for]” in the subject line

 What to include: a CV and a few sentences as to why you would be perfect for that job and how it will help develop your job prospects (this last part is really important to me - since you aren't getting paid, I want to make sure you gain skills you need)