The Zig Zag contributor - Deadline 18 September

The Zig Zag is the new Women in Foreign Policy vertical launching in September 2019. Posts will tackle specific career concerns and advice in a transversal manner, drawing on our 250+ interview pool, existing research on women in the workplace and questions from our network.

The blog’s mission is intersectional, ensuring that it provides all our readers, including but not limited to people of colours, LGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities, people from underrepresented classes, with actionable advice on their career questions.

The blog discusses the challenges and joys experiences by women in foreign-policy-at-large through a story-telling approach that provides a platform to highlight the experiences and research of women. It is intended to be easy to read, and will cover specific career concerns rarely discussed online, functioning as a friendly and knowledgeable career coach. 

We are looking for contributors to drive the blog forward. Contribution can take various forms, including but not limited to writing, drawing, photo essays, videos. We encourage individuals of all backgrounds, experience, and age to apply.

The position will sit within The Zig Zag team and report directly to Alex Farley and Esli Chan, co-Editors of The Zig Zag who will provide regular support, with oversee from Founder Lucie Goulet.  

Time commitment

  • 10 hours/month for a minimum of six months

  • Including a team call every other week at 6:30pm UK time on Skype which you are encouraged to attend as much as possible

Tasks include:

  • Creating at least one article, drawing, video or photo essay a month, as agreed with the co-Editors

  • Researching relevant and unique topics for content, in-line with The Zig Zag’s mission

  • Reaching out and maintaining communication with prospective professionals and individuals of interest

  • Working with the editorial team and Lucie Goulet, founder and CEO of Women in Foreign Policy, to undergo article editing and approval

  • Uploading content to the Women in Foreign Policy Zig Zag CMS (Squarespace)

Desired skills:

Please note that this is indicative only. We highly encourage you to apply even if you don’t tick off all the skills as we see your contribution to Women in Foreign Policy as a way to help you grow in your career. We therefore provide training and support to develop new skills.

  • Reliability  - this is the most important skill. We are really looking for volunteers who will come through and can deliver on quality content and deadlines.

  • Writing, drawing, photography, videography (as relevant to you) and Creativity - good understanding of English grammar and is able to conduct research. Is creative and able to generate new topics with different angles.

  • Knowledge of Squarespace/CMS for content upload is an asset.

  • Communication - responds in a timely and professional manner when contacting professionals and individuals external and internal to the Women in Foreign Policy team. 

  • Interest and understanding in foreign policy workplace issues.


At the moment, we are unfortunately not able to pay our volunteers. The entire team, including the founder work for free.


This is a job to carry out remotely 

How to apply:

  • By 18 September 2019

  • Email a cover letter to eslichan[at] and lucie.goulet[at] explaining why you are interested, how this position would help your own career and two article ideas in-line with the Zig Zag.

  • Include a CV.

  • Subject line of your email should be: Writer application, The Zig Zag, - Your Name.