Foreign correspondents... War photographers... Producers... In print, TV, radio or online, female journalists are at the forefront of reporting the latest foreign policy news, from the moment they break. From Lindsey Hilsum of Channel 4 News to Sara Hussein of Agence France-Presse, from interns to professionals with 30+ years' experience, at Women in Foreign Policy, we've interviewed a wide range of female journalists. They spoke to us about the difficulties and advantages of being a female reporter in the Middle East, about making the most of your internship and about starting a freelance career. Whether you want advice on which degree to do or insider knowledge on what seasoned journalists look for when hiring, we have the interview just for you. And if you're looking for a more entrepreneurial take on journalism, we also have the right feature with Christina Asquith, founder of The Fuller Project "to address the imbalance in women’s voices in media coverage of conflict, foreign policy and international affairs." 

Women in Foreign Policy interviews with female journalists and writers

  • Amy Walters, Producer, The Center for Investigative Journalism/Reveal
  • Elizabeth Dickinson, Middle East correspondent and freelance journalist, Deca Stories
  • Lindsey Hilsum, International Editor, Channel 4 News
  • Christina Asquith, Founder and Director of The Fuller Project for International Reporting, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Sara Hussein, Lebanon and Syria reporter, Agence France-Presse’s Beirut office
  • Teri Schultz, Freelance journalist
  • Louisa Loveluck, Freelance journalist, Cairo correspondent for The Telegraph and Christian Science Monitor
  • Francesca Cicardi, Freelance journalist and foreign correspondent in Cairo
  • Lisa Dupuy, Editorial Intern at National Geographic Magazine Nederland
  • Serena Chaudhry, Broadcast Journalist, BBC World News
  • Piret Kuusik, Writer and blogger on international affairs
  • Geneviève Zingg, International Affairs Analyst, Journalist and Communications Strategist
  • Heather Yundt, Freelance journalist, Georgia

Journalist and boy take cover from stones thrown by rooftop militia, Tahrir Square, photo by Flickr user Alisdare Hickson, distributed under Creative Commons License