Demetrius Wijesinghe - Student Engagement Officer

Demetrius Wijesinghe - Student Engagement Officer

Originally from Sri Lanka, Demetrius has been living, studying and working in the U.K. for nearly

four years. He holds a degree in International Studies from the University of Buckingham and is

currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Human Rights at the London School of Economics

and Political Science.

Demetrius has worked both directly and indirectly with women and girls through a variety of

platforms. Prior to the commencement of his postgraduate degree he gained experience at the

United Nations Association - UK, assisting the heads of administration and outreach, and also

advocating for their Mission: Justice campaign to combat sexual violence in UN peacekeeping;

which is also his primary area of interest. He has also worked as a journalist and teacher in Sri

Lanka, engaging the public and students with topics on the United Nations, UN peacekeeping,

conflict-related sexual violence and gender equality.

As Student Engagement Officer, Demetrius’ role is to engage with universities and student

societies across the UK to allow WiFP to reach, advise and inspire young women into entering the

field of foreign policy.

You can find Demetrius on LinkedIn