Kaite McKenna - Accessibility consultant

kaite McKenna contributor and accessibility consultant

Accessibility consultant

Kaite McKenna is a former State Department intern and foreign policy nerd. In January 2018, she joined Women in Foreign Policy to outline the stories and experiences of women working in international affairs. Kaite loves learning more about people working in the field and how they came to choose foreign policy as a career. When she's not chatting with interviewees, she can be found walking about Sydney, Australia where she works in web design.

Favourite interviews

  • Alice Driver

  • Ani Zonneveld

  • Laytanya Mapp Frett

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Alexandra Trant - Engagement coordinator

Alexandra Trant Women in Foreign Policy

Half Irish, half Italian, Alex was raised in Clones, a border town in Ireland. Alex is about to be based in Geneva to intern with the International Labour Organisation. She has completed internships and research projects with the UN Foundation, in Hawassa Ethiopia, and with UN ESCAP in Bangkok.

When Alex learned about WIFP from friends she was eager to contribute to the team to encourage women to get involved in foreign policy. She contributes to the Facebook page and is brainstorming the team’s PR approach.

Alex holds a B.A. in Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Sociology and has recently completed an M.Sc. in Development Practice, both from Trinity College Dublin. She also spent a year abroad at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

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